Home Loan Structures – What You Need To Know

A home loan for a first time loan seeker can be complicated. To simplify the whole matter, understand the basics first.  The money borrowed for buying a home is called capital or principal. The time span for paying back this loan is long usually up to 30 years which is usually set up between a loan seeker and his lender. Every borrower needs to pay interest with the real money he borrowed and it is collectively more than the capital. Most home loans have a fee. This is just the basic info about the home mortgage. Let us see what you need to know about home loan structure.

Capital requirement

Structuring your home loan means that you determine how much capital you need for your new home and you do not borrow more than what you can easily afford to pay back. When you borrow money on affordability criteria you can keep on living a more comfortable life economically during the period of paying back your mortgage.


Repaying your debt continues the whole life of your mortgage on regular dates with the interest. You need to pay on the date that you agree upon with your lender according to your capacity to pay until a time comes that your entire mortgage is paid and you go debt free. In this option you pay your capital and the interest both in every payment.

Interest – only payments

You can choose to pay to your lender interest only. This option is difficult to manage especially for a first time borrower and the lenders also do not approve it. The reason is that at the end of paying all of your interest, you find your mortgage – the capital – as it is. In many situations it is difficult for the loan seeker to manage all the capital and pay it to his lender in one time. The only option left for him is to sell his house and pay the debt.

Choose mortgage wisely

The mortgage is of different types and it is up to you to choose any of them according to your own convenience. The most famous type is fixed rate mortgage and variable rate mortgage. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and you can study them in detail to make an informed decision.  As fixed rate mortgage is more convenient for the home buyers, they mostly opt for it.

The final process

Supply all the relevant information, after agreeing on all the details, to your lender and you will get your mortgage within two to four weeks of applying.

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