Pre-approval is a quick assessment of your eligibility in getting a fast cash loan. On average 89% of pre-approved customers are able to obtain the loan. It is subject to final approval.
  1. Fill in a 60 second Pre-Approval form.
  2. Gather supporting documents ( View Checklist )
  3. Submit by email or fax
  4. We will notify you once your application is received and keep you updated
  5. After a quick assessment, money will be forwarded to you.
  • Own a motor vehicle OR a real estate property
  • 18 years of age or over
  • Live in Australia
Normally it depends on your income and vehicle/property value. With a vehicle secured loan, it can be up to 50% of your vehicle value. If it is property secured, up to 75% of property value.
Fast Loan in 30-60 minutes (Simple cases). Short Term Loan, usually in 24hours.
Make sure application form is filled completely and all the necessary documents is provided to avoid delay.
After you complete your application form sent together with supporting documents, we will process your loan immediately. After the loan has been approved and a contract is signed, the money will be forwarded to you.
The interest rate varies according to risk. The rate is from 2.9% - 4% per month. In most situations loan term only goes for 1 - 12 months, hence it should not be an issue.
There is no set period. On average loan goes from 1 -12 months.
Most of our loan products (fast cash loans) can be paid off early to save interest.
Perhaps. Each case varies depending on the applicant, but Cash Finance has provided loans to people that previously had defaults or are bankrupt
Yes. All your personal information would be kept according to the Privacy Act.
Yes if you are one of the account holder

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