Loans for Unemployed

We do believe that there are many people who are unemployed still requires a loan, but the reality is that many banks would not consider applicants who are unemployed, as they do not think that the people who does not have a job would not be able to repay the loan. However, many bankers define unemployment differently compare to us sub lenders. In banker’s eye, if you do not have a statement of proof that you have stable income salary, you are considered as unemployed. But there are many people who are employed that cannot provide income statement for many reasons, such as self employment, online stores, etc. However, some people are really unemployed and still need a loan, and cannot get a loan, and are worrying about many things.

However, there is no need to worry, we can assist you in getting a loan even if you are unemployed. There are two options that you can do in order for us to assist you. Option 1 is that you can apply with a person with sufficient income, the other option is that you can start your own small business (e.g. ebay, online store, tradesmen).

Apply with a person with sufficient income

If you are unemployed, it means you would not have any kinds of income, and due to that reason, a lot of lenders will not be able to provide you with the loan simply because they do not believe you have the ability to repay the loan. But it is always better to have someone you can rely on, if you are fully unemployed, and you want a loan, you can simply apply the loan with a person with sufficient income, which means you can apply with your parents, your partners, your family members, or even your friends.

Start your own business

Many people want to be self employed, because they simply do not want to work for someone else, and earn money for themselves instead of someone else. It is many people’s dream, but many people did not do it, and the main reason for that is because they do not have money, and they would need to have a loan to assist them achieve that goal.

Therefore, do not need to worry if you are unemployed, because lenders like us would be more than happy to assist you, so simply fill in the pre-approval form and it can be a start for a bright future.

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